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Zebra Bananas is committed to providing consistently high-quality bananas worldwide. With fruit harvested from plantations in Ecuador and Costa Rica, the Zebra brand aims to supply end consumers with the finest products on the market. Each box delivers not only top quality bananas, but a fair trade product that exemplifies reliability and trust. We export fresh fruit that surpasses customer expectations.


Our company has grown from the ground up into a worldwide operation. Our company manages and ships products from the Netherlands to destinations around the world. We have established offices in Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia and the Philippines, which gives us the know-how to ship the right products with the highest quality.

Our team understands the setbacks, possibilities and opportunities that world markets can present, and so we are able to reduce our risks and maintain our consistently high performance. This is possible because of our diverse international team of experts, who have extensive knowledge of the legislation and requirements of exporting and importing countries.

We are true to our philosophy: think global, act local. It is ingrained in our team and part of our DNA.


Not every agricultural product can be produced in every country in the world. Countries need to work together to provide a wide range of safe and wholesome food products to their consumers. Our team is focused on providing products to places where there is a scarcity and sourcing products from places where there is an abundance. Zebra Bananas believes in mutually beneficial trade.

Our vision is to provide the best possible service to both our customers and suppliers. We have extensive know-how in logistics and our team also has extensive knowledge of local customs and legal requirements, such as regulations and documentation processes. With this wide range of experience, we can provide our clients with the best service possible.


Zebra Bananas is committed to responsibility, perseverance and honesty. Our daily activities, management, guidance and business performance are rooted in teamwork and diligence. We are totally dedicated to performing our business operations in a moral and ethical manner and in accordance with laws and regulations. Our business policy is to meet, satisfy and exceed our customers’ demands for quality, good prices and a punctual delivery.

Zebra Bananas’ commitments are not just mere words on our website, they are reflected in our actions and in the way we take responsibility for our obligations. Our goal is for our commitments to be exemplified in our brand, our products and services and through our behavior as we do business with you in the future!


Zebra Bananas focuses on commitment, responsibility and cooperation with all of our partners and associates. We aim to fulfil the demands and requirements of each market and our customers.

Because they are a high-quality product, Zebra bananas are exported internationally. Zebra bananas are packed locally at the production plants and we load the containers according to our customers’ needs. Palletized or non-palletized containers are loaded under the supervision of our expert team and then sent to the ports. We also handle your shipment at the port. Our logistics team makes sure that Zebra bananas are distributed efficiently worldwide. We ensure that each box of bananas is responsibly, safely and reliably delivered to you.

Zebra bananas are distributed worldwide!