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Why Zebra bananas?

Delighted that you asked – Zebra bananas are fertile and grown in the tropical climates of Ecuadorian and Costa Rican farms. The fruit produced there is more than delicious, it’s endowed with a balanced flavor.

Our tropical fruit is rich and highly nutritious, making it ideal for a healthy life style. Zebra bananas are cholesterol free, packed full of energy, high in potassium and a source of daily vitamins.

Healthy bananas – Zebra bananas!


A Great Choice for a Snack

Zebra bananas are a great quick snack and they are a source of carbohydrates, which your body needs to produce energy. During a break or at lunch, after playing sports or a workout, the nutrition Zebra bananas provide is essential for your body to build muscle and boost your energy. Zebra bananas are good for your skin, bones and brain, as they contain manganese and vitamin C, which contribute to a healthy life style.

Energy Boost

Zebra bananas have a high fiber and water content, which helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and increases your energy. Zebra bananas also contain vitamin B6, which helps protect against diabetes, helps with weight-loss and strengthens the nervous system. The refined carbohydrates in Zebra bananas are essential to achieving your fitness and health goals.


Customer satisfaction
We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and to fulfilling our commitment to providing the finest quality products. Every piece of Zebra brand fruit is inspected and tightly controlled at every stage of the growing process. Our qualified technical staff monitors each phase of production, from harvest to packaging and shipping, to ensure the highest standards of quality. Our customers’ needs are our priority!

From farm-to-fork
From the farms and through the growing process, from production until it reaches your table, we are dedicated and devoted to performing the necessary inspections to provide you with the highest-quality fruit. Our team is committed to inspecting each load and container to ensure the product you receive is perfect and undamaged. The boxes and pallets are handled and delivered with the utmost care.


Tips about bananas
Tips about bananas
Tips about bananas
Tips about bananas
Tips about bananas

Ripeness & Storage

When the bananas are harvested at the farms, they are unripe and green in color. The green bananas are starchy and not very sweet. The bananas are placed in ripening rooms so they can ripen according to the consumer’s needs. Through the ripening process, bananas change color from dark green to light green, then to yellow and finally brown. The bananas are packed in plastic bags to speed up the ripening process. As the ripening process begins, a banana will start to change color and the starch will start converting it into a sweeter and creamier fruit.
The green stage is the first stage of the fruit’s ripening process and most of the fruit is shipped in that stage. When in this stage, bananas are also used in baking and are fried to make banana chips. Green bananas are stored in the ripening rooms and when they ripen and turn yellow, most are distributed to end consumers according to their needs. Yellow bananas are mostly consumed as snacks and used in salads. When bananas start turning brown, they are good for making smoothies, shakes or are baked into muffins and breads.
Bananas stored at room temperature will last for four to five days. Storing fully ripe bananas, meaning yellow bananas, in the refrigerator at home helps prevent them from ripening too fast. Though refrigeration changes the color of the banana peel to brown, the banana inside will still be good for 5 more days.